SEO Benefits of Incorporating Pinterest In Your Marketing Strategy

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Pinterest has transformed from a niche website in the social web to a site with a massive user database and limitless future as a referring site, all to solidify itself as a major player in the marketing world.

Large quantities of digital traffic can be directed to your website, boost your social network, and provide increased revenue all because of Pinterest. The people who use Pinterest are more likely to purchase more items online, use more money, and shop more often than any other social network users.

As one of the 10 most popular social networks, it is inevitably a premier choice for Internet goers. Additionally, there are over 10 million unique visitors who are on Pinterest. The reach is nearly limitless. And with a visual design people love to use the site and can stay on it for long periods of time. There is not very much text with lots of visual to keep people’s attention.

We have come up with a list of facts of how added a Pinterest page to your digital marketing strategy improve your business.

  • Create Backlinks To Your Site

    A backlink is a crucial component to SEO because search engines formulate their page rankings by how many outside links direct people to your website. A good Pinterest page can create these important backlinks.

    The backlinks are set up when you upload pins to your board and place the links to the captions or posts. Thus whenever a user “pins” or accesses a post a new link is created. The more your posts are repined, the more backlinks you get.

    Pinterest makes it even easier with their “pin it” button. When this “pin it” button is added then your users can share your links, posts, photos on Pinterest with a link back to your webpage. Building another backlink.

  • Boosting Your Keyword Targeting

    Keyword targeting is one of the building blocks of SEO strategies. When it is done correctly, the keywords should be used often in your posts and content that your potential viewers are looking for. When the keywords are searched, your page rank goes up.

    Search engines now scan through Pinterest accounts and boards, so make sure to get those keywords on your boards! When your Pinterest page ranks high, it will increase the value of the backlinks you just added- boosting your SEO even more.

  • Boost Your Social Signals

    Google and other search engines factor the social signals (Tweets, Shares, Pins, Likes, etc.) into their rankings. Pinterest’s “pins” give users a new opportunity to generate these social signals to boost your rankings on the search engines. When people wan to socialize with your content, that means the social signals are up, and Google recognizes this to validate that your information is relevant. The more social signals, the more likely your ranking will be improved.

  • Local Search Relevancy

    With more people using Pinterest from the community around you, it is quickly becoming a “locals only” web destination. If you were to create a Pinterest board highlighting the local hotspots and businesses, people would be all that more interested in your site. Pinning the local places, including your own business will help to build your connection to the area and show visitors where to find you.

  • Increased Market Information

    With more analytical information on your target market (users) you will be gain great access to their patterns. You will have the opportunity to follow people that promote your content. You will be able to interact with them. And ultimately you will have a better promotional strategy because you have the full statistics on who is viewing your site.

  • Enhance Your Profile

    Search engines will pick up your “about” section and your user name on Pinterest or your other social network. Use your brand name and as many keywords as possible to continue the continuity of identifying your site to the search engines.

    Be succinct in what your company is about and be creative. Try to avoid using your keyword in your Pinterest username to make it seem too obvious and redundant.

  • Increased Followers

    When you build your boards correctly, you will create a structure you’re your viewers want to engage with. A single pin is nice, but a well-formed board can carry more weight because it is the first thing viewers see.

    It is simpler to follow a specific board rather than a whole account. When you build your boards, keep it specific so that people are looking for that specific information. It should be catchy, often updated, focused on the keywords, and a good section about what the board is trying to do.

  • Satisfied Viewership

    With organized rows on your Pinterest board you are more likely to have an increased viewership. The most prominent area of your board should be at the top where people are going to first see it. Similar to a newspaper where it is considered the most important if it is “above the fold”.

    Users will track the top of the page, but often not scroll down. They will evaluate the first couple rows before deciding if it is worth scrolling down or following your board. So put your best stuff at the top, keep it focused on your keywords, relevant to what you do, and place links that can be clicked through to boost your SEO.

  • Opportunities for New Content

    The search engines always want new content that is unique to the web. They have begun to search for new content and reward it in the ranking algorithms. On Pinterest it is easy to repin other people’s content, and can be good, yet limited in scope.

    Going beyond this would be to post new content for your audience. They don’t want to look at your board for something they can get on every other board. New images and content will give you great positioning with your viewers and rewards with the search engines.

  • SEO Image Boost

    Since Pinterest is a board of photos on a webpage, optimizing these photos gives you an opportunity to get your brand and keywords on the site all the more often without being obvious.

    Search engines look for images, not just webpages. When you save an image and before you post it, make sure to use keyword-rich names with full description and always with your business name.

  • An Official Page

    With Pinterest’s verification process you can now guarantee your page is unique and all yours. You will receive a noticeable and clickable link to your domain in your profile. It will give more attention to your actual website and increase the referral traffic there. It also allows you to use the analytics to the fullest like we previously mentioned.

  • A Chance To Be Seen

    Sometimes it can be difficult to be seen in this crowded web space. The one thing you want to make sure is that your boards are not private! So in the settings make sure the gray button is turned off to make sure the search engines and potential viewers can find you.

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