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Take your sales and profits to new heights with our SEO services and strategies, designed to achieve a highly visible and effective online presence for your company.

Power To Be Found has been around in the SEO business since 2002, which means we have been through every possible SEO scenario you can imagine and know how to lead your company to success from any circumstance.

Quality Content

We will develop and promote truly remarkable web content which will be trusted by your audience and liked by the search engines. The result will be targeted and qualified traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the formative and most integral part of any SEO strategy and we’ll ensure that your website is completely ready to gain maximum leverage from easily accessible search data.

Link Building

An optimized link profile can add a lot of weight to your page keywords for search engine listings - our team can help you build and maintain the perfect SEO links required for great rankings

There is so much competition in today’s world that only the best will endure and grow - this means that you need extremely skilled, experienced, and trusted marketing experts on your side. Even though our process has been cultivated over the past decade, we have continued to innovate and improve on a daily basis. Power To Be Found works extremely hard to stay ahead of the pack by providing honest practices to our clients that lead to more traffic and conversions.

SEO has become more complicated and sophisticated than ever before. Just a couple years ago anyone could obtain links and their site would rank. Now with Google updates like Panda and Penguin, companies have either lost all their rankings or have been permanently penalized. In order to grow your business online, you can’t afford to take chances with your SEO because the destructive effects introduced by Google can be everlasting and sometimes only corrected by claiming a new domain.

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Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy


This is where we learn about the client’s website, business, and competitors so we can provide rich documentation that can be used throughout all stages of the project. Here is what is provided:

Project Brief: Outline client information and business goals along with all the essential knowledge to properly complete the comprehensive detection process.

Keyword Research: Define prospective target keywords based on business goals that were outlined in the brief and found in the audit.

SEO Audit: Create a standard for your current website SEO performance through analytics, onsite, and offsite factors.

Competitive Analysis: Define SEO competitors based on the Keyword Research and define areas of opportunity and risk.


Create a complete SEO strategy and project plan that distinctly outlines business goals that are deliverable and measurable. Here is what is provided:

Onsite Strategy: Record an actionable plan to initiate changes to the website code and content to optimize it for search engines.
Offsite Strategy: Determine prospective influencers to target for link building and PR efforts along with the timeline and method.
Content Strategy: Create a schedule of content to be generated for the website, press releases, and social media.
Measurement Planning: Record goals that can be measured in both the short and long term to evaluate the performance of the campaign.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy


Apply recommendations and suggestions from both the content and onsite and strategies through development or partnership with the client. Below is what is provided:

Content Execution: Adjust the website’s writing based on the content strategy discussed to imitate the keywords that were previously targeted.

Technical Implementation: Apply the edits to the website code based on the onsite strategy.


Apply the project plan from the content and offsite strategies through outreach and content distribution.

Content Creation: Frequently create quality content based on the content strategy.

Public Relations (Additional Costs): Spread information about the client’s business through press releases, news, and industry channels. This will increase exposure of content and links back to the client’s website.

Outreach: Contact prospective partners with the objective of circulating content on their websites that will lead interested customers back to the client’s website.

Social Media (Additional Costs): Encourage discussion and the sharing of relatable content associated to our client’s business and website.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy


Provide monthly reporting that includes the analysis of the campaign’s performance, KPI’s, and goal tracking. We will then adjust the plan based on the results we are seeing.

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