We Answer 5 Of Your SEO Questions Pt 3

  • November 21, 2018
  • SEO
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    • Is it okay to use the company’s boiler plate product explanations on my product pages?

      Writing your own product descriptions is always the best way to go because you will avoid getting hit by penalties or different algorithm changes. Another thing you should do is to avoid scraped content. Google says that scraped content which they penalize on is when sites simply copy content from another site without adding any new content.

      In regards to product descriptions, if you were to sell 2000 different products on each individual page, there would be copied content on all these pages which would make it prime for punishment. Google wants new and original content, so when it is copied, especially in excess, it will surely be seen and punished. Thus, get to writing original product explanations today!

    • How can I get some good reviews of my business?

      Good reviews don’t necessarily help your rankings. However, they are great to add favor to your brand and show the quality of your products. Yelp and Google Places are two spots to generate positive reviews. Making sure you have an active presence on these sites will help your ranking now because with Google’s new updates they place more of an emphasis on Yelp.

    • How can I rank for a competitive keyword?

      Through the integration of on-site optimization and quality links on your site while still maintaining your blog regularly. Understand that if you are a new brand it will take some time to compete for the top keywords. We suggest a long term approach when trying to go for these keywords. In our successful approach, we focus on ranking for a package of keywords that are not as competitive first in order to draw traffic. Then when the domain authority goes up the plan can morph to an approach on these competitive keywords to get the traffic you want.

    • How do I find keywords that are important for my business?

      Google has a product called Keyword Planner that is free and can help find the most highly competitive keywords. It also will help determine the most popular PPC and different monthly variations of the volume of the search. Next, we will analyze the competition to see what keywords they have success with. It can be good to do something different from your competition and it can be equally positive to do what others are doing. It really just depends on the keywords that are used, the niche, the domain authority, and the current traffic.

    • Do I need to have a blog?

      Yes! We have seen that over 50% of businesses have reached new customers from their blog. In order to make sure your website is active, a blog will achieve that for you.

      It keeps the site new. When you update your blog it gives signs to the search engines that you have a living digital organism that is important. It will bring the spider back to your site more often to check for any new updates to improve your ranking and have your pages indexed often.

      Show others what you know. Customers want to purchase products from people who know what they are doing and what they are talking about because it makes them feel like they got the best product out there.

      Lastly, a new blog drives traffic. Every new post creates an opportunity for someone new to view the page and thereby be exposed to your business. Keep from writing articles just about your product, instead, publish blogs on what interests your audience and anything else associated with your product. Express your opinions about the industry you are in. The blog is your avenue to share your voice and allow people to get to know you. This will help you gain new visitors, keep current ones, and develop a stronger rapport with your viewers.


Stay tuned, next week we will answer 5 more questions.

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