SEO Website Audit

It’s Audit Time!

Because getting checked, is good for you

Why Should You Care?

If your website is not optimized to show up on the first page of Google, you are likely to get lost in the ever-growing digital community. Google’s stringent penalties and changing algorithms can get your online business in big trouble even if your brand is well-established,your products are rated as #1, and your website is running at peak performance.Whether it is a worrisome tax audit or a painstaking SEO audit, every audit is designed to ensure that you have a dependable, powerful and a practical system in place. It reveals the unknown dangers that can bring you down, tells you what’s working and what’s not, gives you practical insights into what you need to prioritize, and tells you what you need to change if you want to grow online.Here is a quick rundown of the complete audit process and what it covers:

Loading Time

Checking for site speed, outdated flash navigation, response time, and load times slowed by server hops and tracking services.


Verifying that the current location is apparent, search box is visible, links to key pages are available, and making sure that it delivers a seamless surfing experience.

Visitor Support 

Making sure that contact information is visible throughout, search box is available, instructions are accessible and feedback and FAQs are provided.

Visitor Control 

Verifyingif visitors can cancel and undo operations, do not get trapped by pop-ups, and can easily opt for subscriptions.


Testingsite-wide navigation to confirm consistency with visual elements, fonts, and text size. Checking if the website content is optimized with the right keywords or queries that have a high search volume.

Visual Appeal 

Checking for distractions and splash screens, ensuring that graphics and images flow with the theme and the website layout is user-friendly.


Confirming that standard plug-ins are used for videos, key functions are intuitively designed and compatible with all major browsers.

Technical Errors

Ensuring proper use of 301s for redirects, checking for cagey redirects and use of flash and identifying errors encountered in Google Webmaster Tools.


Checking for hacker files and banned IP addresses. Reviewing the website for security updates and ensuring that data is being moved and archived on a secure server.


Reviewing XML sitemaps, checking for poor site architecture, and confirming that the site follows XML protocols.

Types of Website Audits Covered By Us

  • Health Audits: Reviewing a website for traffic downturns, investigating underlying problems, and checking for Google Analytics code.
  • Competitive Site Audits: Identifying gaps in your niche, identifying opportunities for promotion, and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • Conversion Optimization Audits: Identifying technical and onsite conversion issues.
  • Security Audits: Checking website vulnerability to hackers and content scrapers.
  • Red Flag Audits: Assessing a website for impending penalties.  
  • Negative SEO Audits: Analyzing the website for black hat SEO tactics and downturns.
  • Penalty & Recovery Audits: Assessing site metrics when there is an imminent danger of algorithmic penalties.

Why an SEO Website Audit Makes for a Wise Investment

7 out of 10 visitors, who come to your website, call you within the next 24 hours. Conversion begins with a flawless web experience.

A visitor takes only 5 seconds to judge your credibility as a brand, based on the usability of your website. Convert that first impression into a lasting impact with our SEO website audit. Most often clients come to us stating they have a panda or a penguin problem, but drawing conclusions without a comprehensive audit is like firing guns in the dark. There are many other factors that you can miss out on, like:

  • Duplicate content
  • Link issues
  • Technical errors
  • Poor site architecture
  • Inaccessible elements

A holistic SEO audit evaluates the performance of your existing website and helps you identify bottlenecks that block your growth. We explore every possible way to transform your virtual identity into a compelling website that converts every visitor into a loyal customer.

And it all begins with an audit....