We Answer 5 Of Your SEO Questions Pt 2

  • November 14, 2018
  • SEO
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When should I update my blog?

With all the changes to the algorithms, it would be great to update your blog as often as you can. It’s most important though to put quality original work on your blogs so Google picks it up and ranks it more favorably. To give you a ballpark figure, 1-3 blogs per week should allow you to have quality content and strong results.

Have a plan to manage your content that you are putting on your blog. Something that is manageable and possible for you to actually do. If you aren’t comfortable writing, hire someone else to write for you. It should be well written, well organized, and applicable to what your viewers want to read.

The writings on your blog should bring value to your site. Meaning it needs the relevant information, key buzzwords, and good easy to read flow. Content writing is focused on teaching, leading, and entertaining your viewers so they make it a common stop when they are on the web.

What is the importance of on-site optimization?

Without question, it is critical! Without on-site SEO when digital marketing strategies are conducted they will not be fully functioning and efficient. On-site SEO is the backbone to digital marketing.

For instance, when you purchase Pay-Per-Click ads and arrange it with an immaculate campaign filled with quality links to products and landing pages, it seems great on the surface. You spend a ton of money, burning through your advertising budget, so now you can’t do anything else. You would be blowing all your money fast and unnecessarily, when Google will just change things up on you where you will have to re-address it and put more money forward to keep up with your competition.

Another relevant fact about on-site optimization is that your Google Adwords accounts have too low a quality score for the keywords because your site is not fully optimized to be seen clearly by Google.

How much money is necessary for Google AdWords?

To have a quality digital marketing plan, probably somewhere around $1,000. You want to keep your adverts from falling out of Google’s search after only a couple hours. However, keep in mind that the popularity of the keywords you are using comes into play as to how much work and cost needs to go in.

Before I start a website, should I conduct a social media campaign?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your start. If you want to increase your brand awareness before you start then you should conduct a social media campaign before to build up excitement. It can be quite common to start with a social media campaign because it is a way to build up followers and a chance to learn what they want before launching.

Usually before we launch our client’s websites we like to establish a domain setup with a landing page. So that people can go to the page where they can sign up for updates or find more information about the launch date. The other thing we recommend is to place images or sneak previews of the products to demonstrate what it will be like after the launch.

How long should my blog post be?

As we have stated throughout, it is more about quality than quantity. Many users go to blogs to get expert opinions with actual facts and trustworthy opinions they can follow. So it is helpful to go in depth and get the full explanation out on the blog. There is a place for a shorter blog post, but even if it is short it doesn’t mean it is not meaningful. The goal of a good post is to make it something that can be shared, tweeted, and the beginning of a conversation. In general, the blog should be at a minimum 500 words but ideally around 800 words. Quality writing is always the key though.

Keep in mind when writing your blog posts to write about topics you are interested in. When you write on something you enjoy, it will be easier to do research while penning higher quality information.

Share your blog posts when you finish on sites like LinkedIn, facebook, and other social media sites to increase awareness.

Stay tuned, next week we will answer 5 more questions.

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