13 Content Marketing Tactics to Engage Visitors and Bring More Traffic

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content marketingWe live in an age where information is abundant. Recent studies have shown that people are bombarded with around 2,900 marketing messages per day! This is why content marketing is so valuable and can come to the rescue. When done right, content marketing elevates your brand above millions of others and helps build site traffic. Here are a few steps for effective content marketing:

On – Page Content Marketing

  1. Create an Informative Guide:
  2. It is important to get across your business philosophy to the target audience. Provide an informative guide that sends your brand message across clearly and succinctly while giving your audience useful content.

  3. Create Interesting Info-graphics:
  4. Why? Time is money. No one on the internet has time to go through a long and boring technical business report. Instead, let your creativity run wild and come up with info-graphics where information is available at a glance!

  5. Insert Images and Videos to the Content:
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth thousand pictures. That is why you should try and supplement words with pictures and videos. The more visually appealing your webpage is the more traffic it will generate.

  7. Tell a Story:
  8. Use your Once upon a Times’ to tell the world about your business. Build an interesting narrative around your brand. Do it with pictures to better engage your audience.

  9. Provide Enough Data (Quality Data):
  10. Provide enough data to offer credibility for the information you are sharing. Facts to support your content are always a great add-on.

  11. Update Content Regularly:
  12. Change is the name of the game in the digital world. One post might work for a day, and might not generate any web traffic the next. That is why you need to constantly update your webpage content. Try and match your content with the trending topics that week.

  13. Add Semantic Links on the Page:
  14. Adding links is an easy way to help visitors better navigate your site, provide further information, and increase your chances of showing up on relevant search results.

    Competing With Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Success [Infographic by Hubspot]

    Content marketing success

    Off – Page Content Marketing

  15. Social Media Marketing:
  16. Social media is a great tool that will help make your business visible to a wider audience. You can interact directly with your audience, learn their likes and dislikes, and generate content accordingly.

  17. Blogging:
  18. Blog about themes and interests that show what your brand is about. Blogging is a great way to educate your audience about your brand.

  19. Email Marketing:
  20. When you want to add a personal touch to your content, email marketing is here to help you. Keep the emails short with lots of visuals in them. Also provide a link to your website.

  21. PPC:
  22. You know those sponsored ads you often see at the top of Google’s search results page, marked with a yellow label? That’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC helps send more audience to your webpage. It’s a definite yes for small businesses that are just beginning to make their presence felt online.

  23. Directory Submission or Guest Posting:
  24. Guest posting on reputable sites remains one of the best ways to make your site visible to the world (and search engines). The same remains true for directory submissions also.

  25. Monitor Social Media and Webmaster Metrics:
  26. Track your success on social media and other digital marketing platforms. Sit back and analyze when your posts are getting more views, who is viewing them, etc. This way you will have an idea of what is working for your brand and what isn’t; and then you can improvise your content accordingly.

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