Essentials for Developing your Social Media Marketing Plan

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With the fast paced lives people have, most of the networking, both personal as well as professional, happens over social media in today’s world! Because of this, you should have a systematic and organized approach to you social media marketing plan – otherwise it just results in a wasted effort. Below are some important steps you should take to make your plan more effective:


Always know your target audience. They form the backbone of your success. You may want to tug at emotional strings, shock the world through plain intellect, or make them roll on the floor with laughter. Your content is only as good as the voice it portrays. In order to target your audience, keep things like: gender, age, ethnicity, geographical region, education level, and financial incomes of your audience in mind.


Always be extra vigilant about the actions of your competitors. Identify and study them. Understand their strategy, and do something better and different in order to overshadow them. You don’t want to end up being a speck of dust out there in the internet universe. Be the bright star that attracts visitors who end up being your customers!


Conversation and response are very essential today. The mistake people often make is that once they blog, post on Facebook or tweet, they seldom follow up. Keep yourself updated with the various comments and responses that follow and make it a habit to reply back and engage with your audience. Don’t ever let a post on your Facebook wall go unanswered or a re-tweet unthanked.


Conversion happens when people actually start to follow and read what you’ve posted and actually start applying it to their lives. They will start looking upon you as an expert in that field. This is when you are starting to become the “influencer”. They will start following you on Twitter or Instagram and this is a good sign indeed. The whole point is to become an influencer.


This stage is when your prospects start to consume the content that you’ve posted online. They will sign up for your content and if you happen to do teleseminars or webinars they’ll attend those. This is when they’ll actually start looking up to your content and this is the best time for you from a marketing point to start advertising your products or services – and hence the sale begins.


This is when the actual process of transactions (i.e. buying and selling) starts to take place. In order to establish a strong and lasting relationship, make sure the process is simple and seamless. Ensure that the method of payment is easy, steps are properly detailed, and guidelines are given in order to make things convenient for your customer. The completion of this process will finally make that person your client!

Feedback Mechanism

Don’t just leave the process once the clients have bought the product. Have a mechanism to ensure that you get feedback from your clients and provide them with an adequate platform for them to express themselves. Feedback helps in improvising your strategy and if anything is not liked or appreciated by your customers, you can readily rectify that and avoid the possible loss that might have resulted from it.

Content Formation

Nobody today wants to waste their time and energy behind detailed and boring content. This is where you can stand out. Make the content as interesting and creative as you can. Use hashtags, pictures, quotes, and jingles, as well as visually stunning tools to create informative and aesthetically attractive content. Also plan efficiently and map out your content in order to get the most out of it.

Once you have a strong social media marketing strategy formed, there is no looking back. Use as much of this tool to cater out your brand to the masses. Just follow the steps above to strategize to the needs of your target audience. These steps will make things easy and if done right, will prove mighty effective!

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