Why Your Social Media Campaign is Not For Everyone

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Trying To Cater For Everyone?

In an attempt to generate content and woo as many people as possible to your blogs and websites, you want to share content that has a broad appeal to…well, everyone. However, it is possible you may be losing focus instead. Apart from trying to create content, you need to do more than that and share your own tales as well.

Now I’m not talking about you going off yapping about yourself and how your products are great and all that ALL of the time, I’m talking about the need to be unique, known for doing what you want to do. You may have heard this before, but brands struggle with this problem i.e. maintaining their uniqueness. It is in fact one of the biggest problems brands are facing today. You can’t be personal if you’re for everyone.

Trying To Appeal To Everyone Means You Can’t Build Relationships

Online, as in business, relationships are everything. This is why it’s important to be distinct. No one else can own your story or tell it for you and that is how you set yourself apart. If you’re not unique, why should you be chosen? You don’t standout, and if you don’t standout, you can be kicked out. If you rely a lot on borrowed content, how do you expect to build relationships? Especially when your content isn’t yours.

Tell your story. Period!

Trying To Appeal To Everyone Means That You’re Competing With Major Publishers

That is their beat.

Now imagine this: you have to compete with organizations that have bigger resources than you in order to get the attention of your audience and keep that attention. Is that sustainable?

It is impossible to compete with organizations that exist to create news 24 hours a day. That is obvious, especially if you’re in the sports related business. What is not obvious to many brands is that this is precisely what they’re doing online. Every time you share the same sports news, the major publishers immediately drown you. Doing this is akin to committing social suicide.

Why don’t you focus your energy and resources on an area you can dominate? Your own little niche.

Focus on your niche. Give them value.

This means you can either provide totally original sports content or share the generic news but with your own twist on it – provide your expert insight to that news as it relates to your product. You won’t get results sharing the same old generic news everyone else is sharing, as they’re not likely to get it first from you. The major publishers have already done that. Let me give you an example. We’re in the sport niche, right?

People won’t go to an orthopedic company to get their daily sport news; ESPN and CBS sports already took care of that. If you look at a company like ESPN and how they dominate the entire industry, going up against them doesn’t make sense, right?

You must add something that is of value

And for you, this is possible because you are in business. Every business adds some form of value. By looking at how you can deliver value to your customers, and delivering this value in this case digitally, you will be able to implement a successful social strategy with your content. For instance, a lot of corporations are utilizing social media to provide support for their customers. You can also do the same and even go further than just customer support to building relationships with your customers, thereby securing their loyalty. You can provide information on important subjects that your customers want to hear about and this may help them in the process of making their purchases. These are just a few examples of the way you can leverage the power of social media to get results. However, you have to have a specific goal in mind.

How To Determine If What You Share Is Of Value

The concept of what is valuable is largely dependent on the context it is applied to. For example, having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home doesn’t really mean so much to you, especially when your fridge is full. But that same sandwich becomes very valuable when you’ve been out on a walk all day with no access to food. So, the context also matters.

Also when something is scarce, it becomes more valuable.

Scarcity matters.

Say you decide you need a pair of shoes. However, the idea of spending $100 for a pair you consider low quality and common in your local store down the road doesn’t make sense. You think it’s too much. On the other hand, you will have no trouble shelling out $800 for a pair of handmade Italian leather shoes.

Being Unique Is A Big Deal

If you want your content to be perceived as high value, give something that can be gotten only from you. There’s no reason to get the same story from you if it can be obtained from everywhere else.

To Conclude

Although it is important to get the attention of your target and try to be known by everyone, your goal on social media is not to make friends or to be popular. Your goal is to serve your crowd, your old and potential customers. In this regard, everything you post has an aim it intends to achieve. Think from the point of view point of a customer and ask yourself “so what?” to what you’re about to post. If you can’t find any significance, then you’re not serving your customers

If you aren’t getting results from your social media efforts, then it’s time to rethink your plan, because there are too many opportunities for a business to have a wide reach like never before with social media. It is an opportunity that is too great to ignore or to not think through

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