How Duplicate Listings Damage Your Online Identity And Block The Cash Flow

  • December 18, 2015
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If you have an online business, it is likely that a duplicate listing of your enterprise exists online. Duplicate business listings can cause several problems for your business and negatively impact your revenue. Let us assume that you plan a gathering with your friends at a particular coffee joint. Next you get to know that two of your friends send you two different locations for the same coffee joint. So to verify the right address you search for it yourself and the results come up with 3 new locations. This can actually lead to a lot of confusion.

Same is the case with leading search engines when they come across multiple listings for your business. If a search engine cannot confirm your address, it is less likely to show your website on result pages and can adversely affect your sales.

How Duplicate Listings Come About

So how is a duplicate listing generated? There can be several reasons for this and it is really tricky to trace the real cause but listed below are 3 different situations that can lead to such a problem:

  1. When your customer creates a new listing

    When your customer creates a Facebook page or adds your business to a local directory without your knowledge, the chances are that you would be presented with two or more listings of your business when you try to access your social networking profile. A few local directories permit their users to make modifications to their local business listings and this can lead to the creation of a duplicate business listing.

  1. When the business owner creates a new listing unknowingly

    Fortunately, there are ways available to tackle this problem. Many local directories have recognized this issue and improvised their listing procedure. The new systems are now capable of recognizing the contact details of your business to prevent the creation on a duplicate listing. The only loophole, sometimes all it needs, is a letter misplaced and ta-da, your business has a duplicate listing.

  1. When the problem arises due to a server error

    A server error is the most annoying situation that arises when the local system is updated. The frequent splits and mergers of Google’s local segments and my business tool adversely impact local business listings and this is when duplicate listings take form.

Problems That Crop Up With A Duplicate Listing And How They Jeopardize Your Profits  

By now you know that a duplicate listing is not good for your business but how does it affect your earnings? Google guidelines clearly state that no business should have more than one listing for every location, unless you have multiple practices. Listed below are 4 problems that arise when your business has duplicate listings:

  1. Scattered reviews can hurt your ranking

    Reviews play a decisive role in ranking your business higher on major search engines. If you think that splitting them up and posting them on multiple locations will earn you credibility and boost your online reputation, you are mistaken. It does more harm than good and so it is always better to have 10 positive reviews listed on a single directory rather than having 5 on one and 5 on another.

  2. Outdated information can lead to a massive loss

    Multitasking is a tough job and often leaves you confused and frustrated. If you are busy managing your business listing on multiple platforms, it is quite possible that you will miss out on other important tasks. If you fail to update your business information in the process, you can expect your sales to take a nose dive.

  3. Confused search engines can keep you from showing up on result pages

    All you need to capture the attention of your customers is a clear and concise message. Bombarding them with numerous marketing messages will only serve to confuse them. Similarly, a successful business needs only one business listing to reach out to the masses. Multiple listings are likely to attract heavy penalties from Google, so don’t play with the rules.

  1. One duplicate listing is enough to create an avalanche

    Local directories are interlinked and connected to each other. It is always safe to go by the norms of the local listing system as a single replication will multiply across channels and depict an unprofessional image of your business.

Ways To Deal With A Duplicate Listing  

Be wary of third-party services that undertake the process of updating your business profile and posting it on hundreds of local directories. These service providers often employ their standard procedures which are obsolete and can cost you a fortune, every single month.

If you wish to maximize your ROI, sign up for the services of a credible, experienced, and established agency that can help you locate all the duplicate listings and modify them to include alternative names. These services are highly beneficial for businesses that have made changes to their location or name in the recent past. Fixing a duplicate listing is a tedious and time-consuming process but it is worth the effort because it offers accurate information and enhances your online visibility.


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