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Google’s relentless amount of updates has altered how some people do SEO. It has changed everything from the style of keyword inception to the way they link and message. One of the most obvious things that has altered for many, though, is the content. Since hummingbird and conversational search solidified the importance for fresh, high quality content to manufacture a total ranking package for innovative websites, page creators all over the world have been trying to find what exactly it means.

Do You Know What High Quality Content Is?

Most people don’t know what ‘high quality content’ is! They simply know only what content should do. If they do comprehend what high quality content is thought to do, Google still may not approve the work as great.

Google has set up a short guide to assist website owners in their understanding of what is expected of them in this new business of SEO. At this point we all know keyword-stuffing is no longer acceptable. But what is acceptable? Google would like to see the content that is helpful, truthful, high quality and captivating.

Content is evaluated by the viewers who utilize it, but Google and other engines are the companies that actually determine the page rank. This definitely brings up some serious issues. While high quality content should be the crux of an SEO plan so the new users and clients can easily find your site, the reality is it is a difficult metric to define, making it difficult to accomplish your plans.

Our Advice for Conquering Content

Use proper English and Grammar! Spell check should be your best friend because whenever there are an abundance of typos and misspellings the page will automatically be ranked lower. In fact, Google has been heard to penalize these pages for these errors. Hire someone to help if you cannot do it correctly on your own.

Say Something Meaningful. Copying content word for word is a lazy way to create content. Google will see right through this and punish you heavily for copying content. You should always add something to the topic. High quality content is the goal, so give your viewers and Google something to talk about. Give them new ideas to establish your credibility and build rapport with your viewers. Use your content wisely and don’t waste people’s time because they will turn away from you quickly if you do.

You need Expertise. To build credibility, you need to be perceived as an expert on the topic. If you aren’t yet an expert, hire one. If you are creating a website, it is often assumed you are an expert on the topic. However, if that’s not true, don’t rely on wikipedia or other people’s thoughts, because it will not give you the information you must have to be seen as an expert.

It’s Not About You. The content you produce is not made for you, but rather it is all for your viewers. Give the people what they want! The web is a melting pot of links that will easily absorb bad content, so make sure it stands out and is deserving of being read. Readership is highest when you addressed who the content is for — and produce it for them. It might mean changing the reading level, changing the focus, or using different links and hashtags.

Contend Carefully for Your Linking Partners. A link profile is critical to establish your power in the SERPs and with your readers. If you’re linking to bad sections or they link to you, Google will think you are doing something shady. It could improve your ranking to have more of incoming and outgoing links, but it could come with lots of issues. Those links, similar to the copy they’re linking from, must be top-notch websites that have copyright principles and exemplify the indicators of high quality content themselves. Stay away from buying links. It’s doesn’t help very much and you don’t have control of the content. Thus making links is our top choice.

High quality content is an ever-present battle with Google and other search engines. However, when you work to produce fully finished and perfectly penned content, you’ll be the clear winner. Hire a professional writer if you’re stuck or struggling to produce the best content out there. Invest in yourself and your business because it is an investment in your future that you will not regret.

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