How to Enhance Your Content Influence With Social Media

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Are you searching for the best way to get your content out there? Do you want more social reach from the beginning? By sharing your content on different social media platforms in creative ways, you can engage a variety of viewers. This article will bring to your attention different principles that you can use to promote your content immediately after it goes on the Internet.


To get the word out to your followers as quickly and effectively as possible, regardless of if it is a blog, YouTube video, or any other type of content. Each business may have some specific tactics, but for the most part the groundwork is the same.


In the first day: Put the content on Facebook only one time.

Stay away from posting new content more than a couple times in the first week so as to avoid information clutter.

When you post, vary the types you make. For example, the first post could be a link, but the second and third updates could be an audio clip or photo. It helps to appeal towards a variety of viewers, as well as formulate data on what kinds of Facebook posts reach your audience the best.

Whenever you post, vary the copy and preview images. You can edit the image, headline, or description in the link preview elements on Facebook. Change things up to see what might work best.

To increase your visibility even more, contact your co-workers and friends to share your Facebook business page whenever it is updated to their personal account. It will help to enhance your reach and get your name in front of people who are not currently following your company.


In the first day: Tweet the content three or four times.

Make sure to break them up with different updates or retweet content.

Change up the copy, hashtags and mentions in every update. Keep away from saying exactly the same message. Pay attention to see what gets the most responses when you change the message.

You can retweet other people’s posts, but make sure to follow up with a post of your own on the topic to keep the dialogue going. Additionally, be cautious to keep from totally filling up your feed with retweets and replies.

It is estimated that a twitter post will only last two hours on your feed. So if you do not constantly keep getting the word out, people may not see it.

Don’t take it overboard though! Find the balance. Keep the average number of tweets you send the same in a typical day.

If you send about 10 tweets a day, mentioning four or five about a new item of content will not clog your followers. But, if you send a few tweets a day, adhere to this frequency. If you do this, your feed won’t be too overly self-promoting.

social-icon-pinterestPinterest and Instagram

In the first day: Place every blog post images to Pinterest or Instagram.

Whenever you promote a blog post, place the pictorial aspects to an applicable board on Pinterest or on your Instagram feed after you put the post up. It will only help pique interest in your content.

Keep this in mind:

  • Post to Pinterest if your viewers are mid-30s and up.
  • Post to Instagram if your viewers are under 30.

Pay attention to your traffic and engagement rates so you can see if this general principle is correct for your business.

Put some important photos up from a company meeting or an informational article on Pinterest. Another idea is to pull inspirational quotes from the article and place them by themselves as pictures on Instagram.


In the first day: Put a content link to your profile or make a blog post.

LinkedIn gives the chance to share quick updates in the link format (that you can also tweet) or full blog posts through LinkedIn Publisher.

Have an idea how you want to post on LinkedIn and who will post it. Utilizing your upper management to make the posts will keep things fresh and even.

When the time is right, put something up on your company page or on the LinkedIn groups you are a part of.


In the first day: Put a content link to your business information and/or Google+ communities.

The perk of Google+ is that users can post long updates with no restrictions. Allowing you to either share a full blog post to your profile or make a long intro and put a link to the full post for someone to follow it.

Pending the importance of the content, you might consider posting it to your Google+ communities. Usually, though, you only do this with your most excellent items or with the ones you think will do well with your target market.


Every social media marketing plan is a relatively unique, so use reason to adapt to the recommendations according to your needs. It’s not a perfect science, as we are in an ever-changing world. So feel free to try some different things because there is a short attention span on social media.

Create a social media posting strategy to maximize your content in the first day after it’s gone live.

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