The Survivalist’s Guide Regarding the Best Things to Post on Facebook (Part 2)

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In Part 1 of this guide to posting on Facebook, we looked at how increasing the frequency of posts, adding Call to Action (CTA) buttons and trending topics can deliver results. Here, in Part 2, we’ll look at some more tips that can help you achieve your marketing goals through Facebook:

Focus on Targeted Keyword Topics

Hit The Targeted Keyword

Keyword targeting is a simple yet important phase in deciphering what to post on Facebook. In the past, you may have added quite a number of posts that did very well and you would now like to get back to the stage where traffic to your Page picks up again. You can use a tool called BuzzSumo to help you identify content that you created that did well based on specific keywords that would serve to get your creative juices flowing again. Make sure that you filter by your own domain or Facebook Page to get targeted results.

The content that performed the best over a six month to one year period will be shown to you. Based on those results, you can then determine which keywords will work, those that worked in the past, those that will not work, and the ones that did not work in the past. Tailoring your content on the ones that worked in the past and will work now will definitely have a positive impact on your audience.

Organic Posts Should be Audience-Specific

Organic Post

When you post on Facebook, you are able to target a specific audience using the new publisher tools. You are able to experiment with this feature as you create more organic posts. Making your content audience-specific makes sense because you would be getting your message across to the intended recipients vs. it reaching people who have no interest in what you have to offer. This saves time and money in the event that you are paying for exposure.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars advertising to everybody about female hair care products when you should be targeting females specifically seeing that the line of products that you are selling is what they want. You would definitely make more sales when you target females only.

Continually Test Your Posts

When scientists embark on developing something new, like medication or new gadgets, they have to test, test, and do some more testing in order to get it right. The same is true with the content you post on Facebook. While your posts may be effective in achieving your goals, making even minor changes to them can make a big difference your audience’s response level. For example, if you are selling HD TV sets at discounted prices, it will draw customers in. If you make a minor tweak to that post and say that shipping is free, you may end up drawing in a lot more customers. So, you have to keep testing your posts and making modifications to achieve more than you bargained for.

Facebook, in answering questions about organic reach on their network, stated that organic content still has value and Pages that have great content will still reach people in the News Feed, a place where the competition to be seen by everyone is on the increase, making it harder to gain exposure for your posts via that avenue. It is not possible to anticipate the level of organic reach that will be attained, so you should use Facebook to achieve targeted business objectives, and the best way to make your business appear on the first page of their search results is to pay to be a part of that space.

Since paid media is more predictable and has a higher level of accuracy than organic content, your business will reach wider audiences. At the same time, don’t keep posting the same content over and over. Continue testing your posts to see which ones enjoy a greater level of acceptance by your audience.

Split Testing Posts That Are Not on Your Timeline

Split testing is a great way of knowing what works from what does not work. Many businesses create a number of variations of the same ad to see which one performs the best. It may be a case where you are advertising to people of varying demographics and you want to try different ads based on that. In Facebook, you can create different versions of the same post and target them to selected audiences without having to place all the ad variations on your timeline. This is a very powerful strategy as it not only keeps your timeline tidy but also ensures that the intended recipients of the content get it.

You may now be wondering: How do I go about split testing my posts? There is a detailed explanation of it found here.

Check out Part 3 for more ideas!

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