The Survivalist’s Guide Regarding the Best Things to Post on Facebook (Part 3)

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this Survivalist’s guide to posting on Facebook, we looked at some ways that you can improve your ads and posts to connect with your target audience. We’ll look at some more in the last section of this three-part guide (and make sure you check out the first two parts if you haven’t already!):

Add Native Videos to Your Posts

add-videoNative videos are videos that are posted directly to Facebook, i.e. they are not linked to from videos websites like DailyMotion or YouTube. They are great marketing tools for people who have something to sell, be it a product or service. It has been noted that Facebook is becoming a force to reckon with where video traffic is concerned, seeing that it is taking away a lot of the traffic that other popular video sites used to enjoy.

The videos that are most effective are ones that are short and have a call to action that prompts the viewers to do something specific. If you have videos that are co-related, you can create playlists that will play all those videos back-to-back. This will ensure that people stay on your Page instead of having to search elsewhere in Facebook for similar videos. You can even have a native featured video that is at the forefront of your Page that you want viewers to see first.

Between October 2014 and February 2015, a survey conducted among some 4,000 Brand Pages and more than 650,000 posts by SocialBakers revealed that video’s organic reach was 8.7% compared to 3.7% for photo posts, 5.3% for link posts, and 5.8% for text-only statuses. These results show how powerful videos are. If you do not have videos on your Page, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic and potential earnings. Adding a few native videos will boost your organic search results.  In my opinion, native videos look a bit more professional and add a level of authority to your Page. While linking to external videos may be necessary at times, try as much as possible to make the videos on your Page native.

Pay Attention to Negative Feedback

negative-feedbackIt is a proven fact, and I am sure that you can attest to it, that many businesses do not pay any attention to negative feedback. Doing so is not in their best interest because that kind of feedback offers a rich trove of information that can be used to improve user experience. People talk about what they do not like when they visit your Page and may end up hiding your post, hiding all your posts, report your Page as spam, or worst yet, “unlike” your Page. The latter two options can be quite devastating and may affect the credibility of your business.

So, you must pay attention to all negative feedback and use them as a catalyst to make your audience happier next time around. Check Facebook Insights to see which posts get the most spam reports or are hidden more often. Improve on what your target audience feels is wrong with your Page or product or service. As time goes by, you will get better at posting content that pleases your audience, inherently improving user experience.

Ty 3-Dimensional Advertisements

3d-cubeAnother relatively new marketing idea is 3-Dimensional advertisements. These ads are designed to catch your audience’s attention. They are autoplay videos that literally jump out at you and keep your attention until they finish playing. You can take a look at some 3-D mobile ads that are definitely grabbing the attention of Brands by visiting AdWeek.

Make Use of Cinemagraphs

Even though it is in its infancy stages, Cinemagraphs are becoming a force to reckon with. Cinemagraphs are still photos that include looping video elements that are subtle in nature. A nice example of a Cinemagraph can be found at Just as a picture says a thousand words, a Cinemagraph says a lot more than that!

Venture into the World of Quote Photos

Quote photos are literally photos that have quotes on them. The quotes can be from famous people or they can be quotes that you make up. An example of a quote photo is below:

One reason why quote photos are so popular is that they can be quite motivating at times. The one above reflects that thought very well. It tends to elicit specific emotions that people may have had bottled up inside them, making them realize that things may not be as bad as they previously thought. Persons who post quote photos tend to see an increase in friends and fans who like their pages, but do not overdo it as that can be annoying to some of your fans. Maybe a couple of them a week should suffice in keeping the masses happy.

Many brands have become very creative in the way that they present their ads and word their posts to ensure that they are seen by their target audience. You may find yourself caught in the middle of this conundrum, but you should not give in to the possibility of your ads and posts getting lost amongst those of the big-hitters. If you follow this survivalist’s guide to posting on Facebook, you can get your piece of the pie and eat it too!

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