Get More Backlinks with Guestographics: 5 Steps to Scale Your Link Building Campaigns in 2016

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Wondering how your competitors are generating backlinks for almost every content that they publish online? Do you think they have decoded some surefire link building secret that you are not aware of? Want to know how they do it just about every time?

The definitive formula to link building is to use your infographics in an innovative way. Here’s how!

Your conventional approach – Creating a catchy infographic and persuading people to share it on their website.

Now try Guestograohics to entice people

  1. Post the infographic on your site
  2. Find relevant websites that write on similar lines
  3. Show them what you have created and how it will add value to their website16
  4. Make sure you offer unique and fresh content
  5. Get your contextual links

Here is a step-by-step guide that elaborates every move and teaches you how to implement your link building campaign from scratch.

Step 1 – Publish a Captivating Infographic

If you want your infographic to go viral, there is no shortcut.

You have to be great with your content and make sure that the design is catchy and creative. Here are three important points you need to keep in mind when creating your infographic.

Come up with an undiscovered, unheard, unexplored and unexploited topic that is relevant and original

Every week new SEO articles are published about powerful methods and means to rank high, drive traffic, obtain quality back links, enhance visibility, generate leads, and improve conversions. They may not necessarily come up with new tactics but rehash the same content with a fresh perspective. You can capitalize on trending topics but be sure to deliver updated, informative, and relevant content.

Be selective and tightly-focused with your information

Do not stuff your infographic with too many data points. Make sure that the information is straightforward, easy to comprehend, and likely to get shares and backlinks.

Make sure that the layout is practical yet phenomenal  

You have chosen a topic that is sure to attract your target audience but if you fail to focus on the design, it may not reach out. The way you organize your information and present it can make a big difference to your infographic. Your infographic should display:

  • The finest content at the top
  • Plenty of white space
  • An engaging storyline

Step 2- Link Prospecting and Outreach

Now that you have published your infographic, it is time to find websites that write on similar topics. For that, you need to search Google for similar content. Going with Google’s suggestions can also pretty helpful. If your website talks about probiotic supplements, you can search for “probiotic foods” “probiotic benefits” or “probiotic recipes”.

It’s that easy!

Step 3 – Show Them How your Infographic Can Be Mutually Beneficial

Once you have found your targets, you are all set to draft your first outreach email which should read something like this:

Hey (First Name),

I was hunting for some practical tips on retirement savings today and stumbled upon your site. I must say that your website has some amazing tips and advice about retirement planning. Good stuff!

I have created a comprehensive infographic on retirement savings for my website which I am sure will interest your readership and boost your traffic.

Let me know if you want to take a look at it.
Keep up the good work.

  • Don’t forget to personalize your email
  • Keep it short
  • Stay away from hard sell

Step 4 – Bait Your Prospect by Adding Value

When people go the conventional way with their pitch, they get down on their knees.

How are you going to make a difference?

You can make your pitch more interesting and appealing by adding value. Go ahead and offer a free guest post that goes along with your infographic.

Here’s why this trick will work for you?

  • Your infographic targets a topic that interests your prospect
  • By sharing your infographic on their website, they are giving their audience an engaging, informative, and useful topic to read on.
  • With the guestograohic tactic, you are also giving them free content that goes with the given infographic.

You are sure to receive a positive response with this approach.

When you do, be sure to create a crisp and catchy 300-word brief that is tailored to suit their writing style and preference.

Step 5 – Drive Back Contextual Links

Now comes the best part – Contextual Links!

With the guestographic way, you get high-quality backlinks that are surrounded by relevant content. A contextual link is way more powerful than a link that is embedded in the content somewhere at the bottom of the webpage. Guestographics can generate a steady surge of targeted traffic through A-grade backlinks and make your SEO campaign a huge success.

All you need to learn is networking and you will make the most of the endless opportunities available online.




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    With over 12 years of experience, Power To Be Found has helped dozens of businesses grow their presence online by rethinking their digital strategy and adopting a content first approach to marketing.

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