Your Ultimate Guide to Gaining Authority and Ranking High on Google

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When it comes to building authority, you cannot just create blogs and social profiles and be done with it. Becoming a big player in your niche does not happen by chance or accident, it has to be planned well. To reach the authority status, you need to rank high and in order to rank high you need to do 4 things really well:

#1 Go That Extra Mile for Deep Linking

If you wish to build an authoritative site that ranks high on major search engines, you need to optimize every page of your website for a specific set of keywords. This can be achieved by:

  • Sending More Links to a Single Page
    Link a particular page (Home or About page) from other relevant pages and ensure that is receives four times more traffic than the rest of the pages on your website.
  • Sending External Links to Prominent Web Pages
    Connect pages outside your topical cluster with the main pages of your website.
  • Using Keyword Variants on Every Page
    Produce multiple variants for every page of your website and link every topical page to the main page of your website.
  • Attracting Links From High Authority Sites
    Backlinks from credible websites work to boost Google rankings. Backlinks can be effectively used to build online authority.
  • Placing Links Higher On a Page
    When pages belonging to the topical cluster are connected to the main page, locating links that are placed higher on a page helps in gaining credibility and significance.
  • Fixing Redirects and Dead Links
    Broken links leave a bad impression on your audience and search engine bots. Find them and fix them.

#2 Break Through the Clutter with the Help of Videos

Authority has always been associated with a high position and a strong identity. When you have authority, people seek your guidance and rely on your opinions. By deep linking your website throughout the pages, you send out strong signals to search engine bots that your website is an authority in your industry.

Videos are one more way to attract and influence back links to the engaging media you have on your website. The following tips will help you create an appealing video that goes viral:

  • Do Your Homework
    Watch videos that are already out there and doing great. Learn from those videos and avoid repetition. Search for pain points and come up with a workable solution in your video. Explore what people are actively searching for on the internet. If they cannot find an appropriate answer, you have found title! “How To” and “Hacks” will do the trick for you.
  • Use an Industry Expert to Influence Your Audience
    Experts are always considered knowledgeable and reliable; their opinions are trusted and followed by all. Use influential bloggers and experienced professionals to your advantage. Interview them, quote them, and connect with them to make your videos credible and appealing.
  • Come Up With a Compelling Script
    Prepare a clear and concise script that connects with your audience. A step-by-step guide will help you communicate effectively. Reach out to your visitors with a fresh perspective that adds value and creates interest. Keep your videos informative and avoid a salesly approach.
  • Test the Video before Taking It Live
    Hire an experienced professional to do the job. Proper editing and testing are needed before it goes live on the vast digital platform. Test it on your own staff and see how they find it. A good video is the one that keeps your audience interested and updated.
  • Optimize and Share
    Upload your video on social circles and YouTube. Share it with interested bloggers and relevant websites who are willing to embed it. Make share buttons visible, tag your keywords and finally, don’t forget to load the transcript in the video.

#3 Create a Buzz with Authority Content

The Panda update made a massive impact on low-quality websites and tumbled their rankings by 70%. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this catastrophe. Incorporate these tips in your content and keep your website from being clobbered:

  • Keep Your Posts Original
    Everything you write should be authentic. Avoid redundancy and stay away from copy-paste crap.
  • Give Out Practical Advice
    Address the needs of your readers through engaging tutorials and informative webinars. Help them solve their problems with a fresh how-to blog. If you are original and relevant in your approach, then you are truly adding value to your website and your user base.
  • Rectify Where Needed – Wrong spellings, incorrect grammar, and cagey redirects can cause irreparable damage to your rankings. There is a strong relationship between good grammar and high page ranking. Always proofread before you publish or have a professional do the job.
  • Write For Your Readers
    SEO content writing is all about relevant, informative, engaging, and useful content. When you write with your readers in mind, search engine spiders will rank you high.
  • Post Ideas worth Sharing
    When you provide content that goes beyond the obvious, people will find it insightful. Resourceful content is worthy of saving and sharing – a great way to go viral.
  • Avoid Clutter and Create Revolutionary Content
    Publish content that revolves around the needs of your target audience. Avoid out and out promotions, keyword stuffing, adverts, and calls to action. Keep it to the point, appealing, and practical.

#4 Using Social Media for Authority Building

Google algorithms are highly influenced by social signals and can be effectively used to expand your reach. Engage with your followers and subscribers on social networking platforms. Staying active on social media is the best way to connect with your target audience. There are several ways to send updates, resolve queries, curate content and gain recommendations. Use prominent social media platforms to help people find your social profile. Start with a fan page and link it to your onsite blog, engage your audience on social media by adding social icons, get involved with your twitter following, stay updated with brand mentions, update your Facebook page regularly, create a company page on LinkedIn and post your products. Likes, shares, tweets, and mentions will improve your online credibility and make you known to the masses.

When you start with page authority and gradually move to building domain authority, it won’t take too long for you to reach your goals.

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