Can Blog Content Help You Leverage Sales? These 7 Secrets Can Help

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Everything is online these days, and every business needs an impressive web presence in additional to a physical one. Driving traffic to websites is becoming more important than ever, and your blog could hold the answers!

Here are 7 effective tips to help you boost sales with blog content:

1. Share Compelling Information

Think about the kind of customers you want to target, and provide information that they will find valuable (and share with other readers too). As a business, you’ve gathered hints, tips and ideas about a specific industry, product or activity, so present these in an interesting manner. A content plan will help, since you can put together topic ideas before writing.

2. Include Relevant Keywords

In the SEO world, keywords are terms that users enter into search engines when they’re looking for products, services or information. Including these in blog content can help improve your search engine rankings, as long as they are relevant to the topic. Use them in headings, sub-headings and the body of the content, but don’t stuff them in where they seem unnatural.

3. Add Your Marketing Message

While you don’t want to make blog posts seem like a “sell”, it’s important to include at least a portion of your marketing message in each. If you plan blog posts in a manner that ties them into the message you want to communicate, they can help educate and inform readers about your products and/or services, especially new offerings.

4. Use Links and Landing Pages

Unique and engaging content makes readers want to know more, so use it to drive traffic to relevant pages on your website as well as related blog posts. Create specific landing pages for products and services you offer, and include a link at the end of a relevant blog post. Giving users quick and easy access to these saves time and allows you to track page popularity too.

5. Share Your Posts

After you’ve written a post, make sure you share it with the right audience, at the right time and in the right manner. Plan where, how and when you will share it, whether through social media, e-mailers, YouTube videos, guest posts on other websites, etc. This increases your audience base for every post, and allows them to share it further (basically, free publicity!).

6. Follow Up

Respond in a timely manner to questions and comments you receive on either the original post or the shared post, even if it’s just an acknowledgement. Where you have the answers, share your expertise and ask people if they’d like to subscribe to your blog, get in touch for a meeting, or receive a free sample. Every visitor is a potential client: make them feel appreciated!

7. Analyze and Plan Ahead

Make sure you’re monitoring and tracking the response from blog posts and shared content regularly, though analytics tools. Understand which pages receive the most attention, what your audience shares with others, which content is converting users into customers, and other information that will help you plan future posts for maximum impact.

Get in touch with us at Power To Be Found, and let us help you create a customized strategy with effective blog content. We’d love to help you convert visitors into sales!

With over 12 years of experience, Power To Be Found has helped a number of businesses grow their presence online by rethinking their digital strategy and adopting a content first approach to marketing. We can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today to to discuss more about your project or request our FREE website audit and SEO Analysis.

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    With over 12 years of experience, Power To Be Found has helped dozens of businesses grow their presence online by rethinking their digital strategy and adopting a content first approach to marketing.

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