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You are here. But do they know? Client, partners, employees – anyone who’s a growth prospect. We, at Power To Be Found, will ensure that you are high up on the wish list when they come looking. Our digital marketing services will bring you all the relevant traffic; through ingenious communication strategies and indigenous search optimization techniques. We’ll get you on the map and in the consideration set. Our business model is that of quantifiable returns; in other words what we bring to the table is tangible value and measurable profits. Ensuring no hunt goes futile and no click goes untapped.

What's your SEO score?

Scan any landing page or website URL to see how optimized it is for your targeted key phrase.

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    Detailed Reports

    Get a complete overview about your on-page factors, link analysis, social media analysis and much more.

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    Competitive Analysis

    Compare various stats against your competition and get a detailed list of items that you can improve.

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    Actionable Task List

    Finish the various to-do items and get things done to rank higher in search results.

Why do I need internet marketing for my business?
In today’s day and age, your target audience is using the internet to find most of their answers. You need to connect with them and the easiest way to do this is to have an online presence that’s hard to miss. Internet marketing is much more cost effective when you compare it to traditional marketing media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Another factor that is driving businesses to internet marketing is that other sources of advertising are on a decline, while business is booming online. Our goal is to expand your customer base and help your existing customers find you online. In the virtual business world, being visible and searchable is the key.
I want to work with Power To Be Found. How do I get started?
You can start working with us in five easy steps:
1. Review our services – Before engaging our services, you need to see what we have on offer and identify the combination of services that meet your requirements best.
2. Get in touch – Send us an email or call us if you think we can help you.
3. Exchange important information – Once we receive your information, we call you to learn more about your requirements. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the decision-making process easier.
4. Formalize the relationship - We need to agree upon and formalize the cost and scope of the internet marketing project.
5. Start the project work – Once things are past the formalizing stage, the real work begins.
Which is better – Paid or Organic Campaigns?
Both are internet marketing practices and both are necessary to attract more customers online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a little like online PR (public relations). It makes adjustments on your website so that it catches the attention of search engines. The most profitable websites are those that have the highest search engine rankings. SEO is important when a website is being built; it is also important for your site to be optimized for search engines on a regular basis.

PPC is more a form of direct marketing. You need to choose specific keywords and the optimal times you want your site to appear. You also need to determine what your PPC listing will say and the amount of traffic you will receive. PPC enables you to make instant changes depending on what’s working and what isn’t. For instance, if a particular keyword or keyword phrase is generating more sales or leads you can focus more on that phrase.
How can social media help my business?
Social media is the latest marketing tool available to businesses today. Whatever the size of your business, you will definitely get measurable results and more opportunities when you use Twitter and Facebook to boost your business. Here are some obvious benefits of social media marketing:
• Listen to what people are saying about your business online.
• Communicate better with your customers.
• Get genuine feedback about your product or service.
• Personalize your brand.
• Use online channels to distribute exclusive offers and information among potential customers.
• Extend the reach of your PR strategy.
• Provide a platform where your brand loyalists can build communities around your product and service.
• Get more exposure and higher recall value for your company.
• Create word-of-mouth marketing buzz around your product or service.
And that’s just for starters. Once you figure out the benefits for yourself, you can start planning internet marketing strategies for your business!
Do I really need web analytics services?
If you are new to internet marketing, you’d be happy if you saw more hits on your site. But this data does not give you the whole picture. What if the hits are also being accompanied by a high bounce rate as well as a low conversion rate? Web analytics services give you all the data you need about your visitors and their activities on your site. You can generate maximum ROI when you employ web analytics services.


  • One lead closed for $650,000 thanks to PowerToBeFound’s SEO services…

    John Nethery
    John Nethery
    NorCal Compactors
  • Overall revenues increased by over $300,000 in the very first year

    Red Raider Outfitter
    Red Raider Outfitter