Is Your SEO Traffic Development Strategy Really Working for You?

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Content and SEO are becoming more honed every day, with a greater focus on user engagement. Developing a strategy where you can gain more traffic for your website is not something that can easily be done. However, there are some ways for you to make it faster for people to notice your website.

To get more traffic for your website, all you have to do is follow a few steps:

  • Consider Keywords as Concepts 

    Keywords are still important in the virtual world, but more flexible than before. If you’re writing about something your readers are interested in, then your content will have a greater chance of being clicked and shared, ranking higher in search engine results. Don’t cram keywords where they do not belong; if it doesn’t fit, let it be.

  • Promote for Target Audience 

    Reaching out to the correct audience will improve the speed with which your website will gain popularity. You should think about how your audience will look for the information you offer. Social media websites are ideal platforms for getting the word out to people who have a strong interest in what you have to offer, and are the best way to market your website.

  • Self-Promotion Goes a Long Way 

    Promote information on your website through internal links, not replacing the navigation links on your page, but as separate entities. Often, naming them ‘related articles’ or ‘you may also be interested in’ is best, but do not overwhelm the page with these links. One or two should be fine.

  • Titles Can Do the Work for You 

    Titles work like the headline of a good article, and making them simple and catchy will ensure you get a high viewing rate. Create titles which are eye catching without being too lengthy, and add a keyword, but do not create a title solely for that purpose. Write for your audience!

  • Page Descriptions, Alt Tags Mean Business 

    Try thinking of page descriptions as subheadings, since they contain a keyword or two. These should be made to entice the reader without sounding too much like a sales pitch. If you have pictures and images on your website, then placing keywords in the alt tag will help you rise in the search engine rankings too.

  • Mobile-Friendly, Easy-to-Read Websites 

    In today’s age, a mobile-friendly website is essential, because of the increase in mobile internet users. Thus, you are marketing for smart phone users as much as for those who browse on their laptops. Make sure that your content is easy for everyone to read and share on any device!

  • Interesting Long Form Content is Worth It 

    Another way to measure a site’s popularity is the amount of time that users spend on it. Search engines measure this and it affects the rating you will ultimately get. Pages with a minimum of a thousand words of interesting and engaging content tend to do best in search engine results. If properly formatted with visual breaks, they can keep readers’ attention for longer as well!

  • Speed It Up – Bounce Rates Matter 

    Bounce rates are the number of times people visit a page and abandon it without clicking anything. If you have high bounce rates, this will show in search engine algorithms and slow pages are at highest risk. A perfectly designed website, with the best content and an unparalleled self-promotion strategy will not matter, if people leave because it’s too slow. Make sure it loads quickly and promptly.

  • Do Not Try to Rig it 

    If you keep your visitors engaged and interested, they will come back. Trying to gain rank by building or buying links will do you no good. Staying focused on your visitors and their needs will get you better results. Rather than using tricks or cheap shots, improve the website and it will automatically rank higher in search engine results.

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