Creating Social Media Ads That Perform Better

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Creating Social Media Ads That Perform Better

Social media is one of the most unique marketing tools in history, combining the inherent trust creation of word-of-mouth advertising with the ease of access that the Internet has grown to define. Companies in practically every sector have realized the need for effective social media marketing, but there are a few things that you can do to make your campaign surpass the rest. Check out these handy tips for creating superlative social media ads:

Test Multiple Ad Versions

Whenever you create social media ads, the best thing to do is come up with multiple workable options so you can test each one and monitor audience response. The most successful ads are not conjured out of thin air but have likely gone through a series of tests and modifications. When working on an ad campaign, generate several versions and test them with the audience. The more versions you create, the more options you will have to fall back on if some are not successful. A good idea is to release different variations of your ad and deactivate those that receive less than a predetermined number of CTRs. Moreover, keep your target audience in check. Ad campaigns can become unmanageable if you are targeting too many segments and groups. You will likely be creating dozens or even hundreds of ad versions with such a large market, which will simply be a waste of time.

Incorporate GIFs or Videos

Using videos and GIFs will give you a decided edge in the market. Users like watching videos and are attracted to moving visual ads that can convey information far more effectively than content-heavy still ads. Augmenting your promotional content with motion is a great way to capture traffic for your website, since it enriches the quality of your engagement. Moreover, if you are selling a lesser known or a technical product, a video detailing its benefits and method of usage will go a long way in convincing your audience to scoop it up.

However, video marketing can be challenging, so keep some basics in mind. While many videos on social media play automatically, your marketing message should not simply rely solely on audio. Combine audio with appealing visuals to make your video message more effective with viewers. Understand the platform too. For instance, ads on Instagram are limited to fifteen seconds, so make sure to skip any teasers and dive straight into the main story. Also, Instagram users appreciate inspiring and stunning visuals, so go beyond a mere story and consider a mixture of video and still imagery.

Customized Landing Pages

If the objective behind your ad campaign is conversions, you will have to think beyond the ad and consider where a user will land when they click through. The ad is important, but so is the landing page. Customizing your landing page will smoothen the transition from ad to copy, making it seem like an extension rather than two separate bodies. Your ad and the landing page should complement each other. If your ad is highly targeted, your landing page should be the same. It is common to come across ads promoting a single product which land you on a main page filled to the brim with product categories, versions, and menus that simply confuse you. If you are advertising a single product, make sure the landing page contains information about that product only or places it in a prominent position.

Offer Discounts

“About 93% of Shoppers Use a Coupon or Discount Code Throughout the Year.” (Source – Statista). That is how important discounts are and why you need to incorporate them into your ad. One way to achieve a successful ad campaign is to offer a discount in your ad copy. By offering periodic discounts or special offers over the year, you are ensuring that your buyers retain interest in your product and that new prospects are willing to try your product.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have a wide reach and can give your ad campaign the publicity it needs. Social media allows you to find users who share a common interest that you are catering to, and then enable you to target those prospects.

Here is why social media is the preferred method of advertising for most businesses:

  • Active Interaction and Engagement – You can easily interact with users through social media sites, which promotes real-time information sharing and engagement.
  • New Markets – Social media platforms broaden your market by opening content up to viewers who can respond by liking, commenting, retweeting, favoriting, etc.
  • Visibility – With an active social media presence, your brand visibility will increase many times over, bringing even more followers to your website.

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