7 Tips for Finding Content Ideas on Google

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Writing is a beautiful form of expression, but no matter how talented a writer or blogger, there is bound to come a time when words just don’t find their way out. Coming up with new ideas day in and day out can be taxing – luckily, we live in a day and age where there are options available to help us tackle these writing blocks with ease!

Here are some tips that will help you use Google to conjure up new headlines and content ideas:

  1. Think of Engaging Headlines 

    No matter how beautifully an article has been written, it reaches out to very few unless it has an impactful title. An attention-grasping title is all that is standing in the way of readership engagement. Headlines should be precise and responsive to the needs of the audience in question, so think in terms of what the reader would search for on Google. 

  2. Good Titles are Both an Art and a Science 

    Coming up with the right key words to phase a headline are crucial for getting readers to notice the link. Yes, it is both a science and an art to phrase the perfect title. Google tools are designed in a user-friendly way to help
    come up with suitable titles for any content.

  3. Use Google Autocomplete for Research 

    Consider the content of the article and type the key words into Google. Allow Google Autocomplete to come to the rescue, with various suggestions that aid in framing a title. This is ideal for customizing content titles so they match popular searches. 

  4. Do a Quick Competitive Analysis 

    A short competitive analysis is the way to go with headlines, and Google’s Keyword Planner is a great way to get started. Come up with a few headlines, check their search results and estimated volume per headline, and then narrow down headlines which receive the highest number of searches, to construct the perfect title as per content. 

  5. Successful Headlines have a ‘Hook’ 

    Adding a hook to the title is one of the best and most commonly-used ways to phase a headline. Using a hook to start a headline is easy and useful because that is what people normally search for. For example, “How to lose belly fat” (here ‘how to’ is the hook and ‘belly fat’ is the subject). 

  6. Practice Patience – It Takes Time! 

    It takes time for any new content to reach its viewers, and patience is key. From the moment it goes online, it can take days or even months before it attains a certain level of readership. Good things come to those who wait, so don’t despair! 

  7. Make the Most of Social Ads 

    Social media is the best and the most convenient form of advertisement available today, so why not make the most of it? Be it for B2B or B2C, websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely useful to get the word out there.

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