We Answer 5 Of Your SEO Questions Pt 4

  • November 28, 2018
  • SEO
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  • How relevant is link building today?

Links are the foundation of the internet, which is not going away any time in the near future. When a link is posted on one site going to another site, it is a vote of confidence. In regards to SEO, it no longer works to get links from sites that are in no way applicable to your site. While working on your off-site content strategies we post articles only on highly sought after industry websites that are strategically aligned with your customer base.

  • What are the prospects for SEO down the road?

Can’t be certain, but here are a couple of ideas.

Mobile devices continue to blossom. Therefore, the number of searches on mobile devices will continue its upward trend. It has increased every year and has now surpassed desktop searches. In each of your digital marketing campaigns you should think about how people will be using their phones to search, what they are trying to do, and how that applies to your industry.

Social media will continue to grow. Search engines we believe will value social platforms even more to influence the rankings.

One big change came recently with the sophistication of searches looking for phrases and conversations. This trend will only continue for the Google’s of the world. Plan on them being able to make sense of the context of any search instead of just focusing on the keywords in the search. They will be able to factor things like location, time, and prior interests.

  • Why did my traffic plummet so quickly and randomly?

We would have to a complete analysis to get the full answer. Regardless, the primary thing you should consider is when did the first drop happen and try to match it up with a specific algorithm update. It could give you insight to what you need to change. Also, you could look through your Webmaster Tools to see if you are subjected to manual penalties.

  • How can I sell products aimed at different locations?

Time, resources, and financials are the critical components. Typically it is best to create different subpages that are specific to diverse countries (eu, or, us, etc.). It is low maintenance and low cost compared to purchasing in country domains (.co, .uk, au, etc.).

  • How do images play a part in search queries?

They will play a part if you provide a description of your photo or video in an ALT attribute tag. It is not yet possible for search engines to make sense of what the image is without the ALT attribute tag. As part of our service, we can optimize photos for you to make sure you rank well in an image search on Google. If you are an e-commerce business it is critical because they are visually based which means if you can optimize your photos you can increase your sales opportunities

We hope that we have given you answers to our FAQs. May this help you to improve your business and increase your online viewership.

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