Search Marketing Buzzwords: What’s Trending In 2016?

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SEO campaigns change along with the evolution of search engines. To become a successful SEO or digital marketer, you need to be bring you’re A-game at all times. You’re probably wondering what importance buzzwords hold in all of this, but buzzwords are in fact very important for marketing campaigns, especially if used correctly.

Marketing messages stuffed with buzzwords but offering little value will not help your campaign. The trick is to use buzzwords in such a way that it paves the path for tangible action. While buzzwords are effective when used correctly, you also need to know which ones actually hold value and those that weigh your statements down.

Here are 6 buzzwords that will help you ace your marketing game in 2016:

  • Actionable Analytics

The buzzword “actionable analytics” is expected to be quite trendy this year. Its common use will be driven by the growing importance of big data and business analytics for both large and small businesses. Tools and software designed to offer actionable analytics will flood the market. Unlike old systems that largely work with structured data, these analytical tools will have enhanced learning and reasoning capabilities.

  • Social Reach

This buzzword has been floating around for some time, but it has recently captured the attention of digital marketers. Social reach denotes the number of times a particular user has viewed social media content.

  • Device Mesh

It is expected that this buzzword could soon become integrated into common language. Device mesh is the connective tissue linking different devices (including home, auto, wearable, environmental and mobile devices) together. It is the technology behind the Internet of Things.

  • Influencer Marketing

Another buzzword that’s been circulating for a while but only come into the spotlight this year, this refers to marketing efforts aimed at influential persons who can impact what others buy. These people act as ambassadors for your brand, and marketing efforts are aimed at them rather than at the brand or product. While influencer marketing has been a common practice among large brands like Coca-Cola, you’ll see smaller brands jump on this particular bandwagon now.

  • Authenticity

Authenticity is a buzzword representing authentic marketing messages as opposed to endorsed messages. Already a key concern in social media marketing, authenticity will become a big deal this year in the premise of search marketing as well.

  • Biased Algorithms

There is increasing debate about whether commonly-used algorithms are biased or not. Search engines like Google insist their algorithms are free from biases, but in many instances, the data itself suggests a different story. Expect to encounter a growing discussion on biased algorithms this year.

The key to getting the most out of buzzwords is using them carefully and sparingly. Add as many as you think will convey your marketing message clearly and leverage a desired action, but do not stuff your content with them.

The Power To Be Found experts can help you understand how to use buzzwords and which ones are appropriate for specific situations, so get in touch with us today!

With over 12 years of experience, Power To Be Found has helped a number of businesses grow their presence online by rethinking their digital strategy and adopting a content first approach to marketing. We can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today to to discuss more about your project or request our FREE website audit and SEO Analysis.

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    With over 12 years of experience, Power To Be Found has helped dozens of businesses grow their presence online by rethinking their digital strategy and adopting a content first approach to marketing.

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