Do You Still Think Social Media Doesn’t Matter?

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If you question the value of social media for your business please keep reading. Social media is no longer a want, it is a need for your business. Active social media users make up over 40% of the population. If you are not utilizing social media you are missing out on a huge audience potential.

Facebook is the second most visited website in the world. It is followed by YouTube. Google leads the list. Four billion internet users turn to social media platforms daily. These social media platforms have also become the source for product and brand information. I see posts daily from people on my Facebook news feed asking for product reviews. How many times have you heard someone say "Look it up on YouTube, there will be a review. Good and bad."

Just as internet replaced the need for bulky phone books, it has also become the place we go for product reviews and information.

Twitter has become the place to discover something "new and interesting". That could be your new product.

Brand loyalty is a huge reason to tap into the power of social media. There is no better place to connect with your customers than through social media. Answering questions, giving product updates, announcing upcoming sales and promotions, and just over all connecting with your customers. A majority of people will follow businesses that they regularly buy services and products from. If you are not engaging with those customers you are losing a huge marketing opportunity.

69% of the US population has made a purchase or paid a bill via the internet. Many of which have made purchases influenced by social media.

If you thought that social media wasn't important for your business, think again. The information proves otherwise.

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