PowerConnector Packages

We build Your Network, Create Super Targeted LinkedIn Campaigns and Get Qualified High Dollar Leads. You Focus on Your Business, While We Focus on Ours, Generating Your Leads for You to Close.





With our Basic Package you get:

  • A Fully Optimized, Engaging LinkedIn (LI) Profile – Your Online Salesman.
    • Profile Health Check and Review
    • Basic Photo and Banner Work
    • Headline Content (Who What Where How?)
    • Engaging Summary with a Clear Call To Action
    • Anything else that needs to be done to make your profile look like you are THE ONE to go to in your industry
  • Two Hour Consultation
    • This is to build a relationship and gather important information and data such as: your preferred audience to target, locations you want to grab clients from, selling points, what sets you apart, and any other content required for your Profile and Messages.
  • Build the Message Scripts with you for Every Scenario we will need - These are done by Professional Content Creators and Storytellers at Power To Be Found.
    • Connection Request/Join My Network Message
    • Thank You / Welcome to My Network Message
    • Follow-Up Messages Monday through Friday (these are days after a connection is made)
    • 7, 21, 35, 63
  • Set the Criteria to Build the Perfect Target List for both Your Connection Requests and Messaging
  • Set-Up of Your PowerConnector Account (Takes 20 - 25 Hours)
    • Testing Suggested Searches to Pinpoint Target Audience
    • Loading Your Target Audience Once Tested
    • Loading All Messages
    • Loading DNMs
    • Consultation
    • Profile Edits and More
  • 100 Connection Requests Per Day (Monday – Friday)
  • Update Your Do Not Message (DNM) List Daily
    • This is extremely important when it comes to maintaining credibility and not getting flagged for spam. You are going to get people who tell you not to message them or to go away. We will make sure anybody who falls under this category automatically gets placed on the DNM list you just send their name to dnm@powertobefound.com.
  • Provide access to on-going Lead Sheets updated on a regular basis
    • We build and update your lead sheet ready for you to close the deals



With this package you get everything stated in the Silver Package plus the following:

  • We will send 50 InMails per day instead of 40
  • We will send out your 125/day connection requests and 50 InMails 5 days per week
    • We will not send messages out on the few major U.S. holidays
  • We will send the following follow-up messages Monday through Friday (these are days after a connection is made)
    • 7, 14, 28, 42, 60, 180, 365
  • We will clean out your LinkedIn Inbox on a daily basis
    • You get a message every time somebody sends you a response or becomes a connection. This can lead to over 350 messages a week and will become very confusing and cluttered.
    • With this package we will clean out your inbox and send you a list of all leads you need to respond to at the end of each business day to your email.



With this package you get everything stated in the Silver and Gold Packages plus the following:

  • You are allowed up to 7 follow-up messages (3 more than the Gold Package)
  • We will send out a message once a week to anybody who viewed your profile during that timeframe
  • We will build your Twitter following by connecting with any connection or profile we come across on LinkedIn that also has a Twitter handle
    • This leads to people looking back at your profile and connecting with you.
    • If a contact doesn’t follow you back we will automatically unfollow them so that you don’t build a following of people who have no potential of becoming a client or referring you business
    • We will automatically like the most recent tweet of the new person you are following (this will bring you more exposure)
      • If you don’t want us to access this feature we will deactivate it
  • We will go through and gather data on all the email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles of people in professions you want to directly contact (number varies depending on daily touches)
  • We will create 2 content pieces per month (approximately 500-1000 words) that we will post on your page after you approve it
    • This is the most valuable part of this package and we can explain more about this feature in person or over the phone


  • Inbox Clean Up - Cleaning out your LinkedIn Inbox on a Daily Basis
  • Additional Connection Requests – 50 Per Day (Monday – Friday)
  • Additional Follow up Messages up to 6
    • 7, 14, 28, 42, 56, 91 (suggested)
  • Messaging Existing Connections
  • Assisted Setting up Calendly for you to Automate Appointments we will provide a smarter URL – eg www.talkwithpeter.com
  • Profile Viewer Message - send out a message once a week to anybody who viewed your profile during that timeframe
  • InMail Messages
    • Up to 50 InMails per day (Monday – Friday)
    • Note : LinkedIn charges $10/InMail over the 20 you are granted each month. However, through our platform you get nearly 800 InMails a month included in the price of the package (This feature alone gives you 5 times the value of what your monthly fee for the package would be!!)
  • Gathering data on all the email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles of people in professions you want to directly contact (number varies depending on daily touches).
  • PTBF Posting Daily to LinkedIn and Facebook on your behalf – increasing views of profile.
  • Video (with Script)
  • Deluxe Profile Banner – all Profiles come with Adequate Banners. This is for something special which will require additional work.
  • A further option to Clean Up Connections based on Criteria discussed with you the Customer – for instance the Removal of Connections of People from a Specific Industry, etc.

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