Must Know Things About Responsive Websites

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Today, most companies seeing mobile traffic coming to their sites exploding, a lot of people are scrambling to make their sites accessible. Customers are interacting with and buying from businesses in totally new ways because of the mobile transition. Somehow many businesses have not yet realized that having the website responsive to mobile searches.

It is a total media format change to transition your site to an improved responsive design. And, because so many sites need to be redesigned there are lots of differing opinions about the right way to do it. In this article, we provide some major insight into building responsive websites.

As 2015 is now upon us, we must continue to build upon the integrated marketing digital approach to best reach your customers who continue to move to the mobile platform. Utilizing as many relevant channels of communication should be a goal in order to gain the exposure you are looking for.

  • Customers want the same feel of the site on their desktop when they use their phone

    Because designers were forcing users to use big sites made for a desktop, on a unresponsive mobile device. Thus responsive design was created.

    As opposed to making a brand new different website for mobile searches, the web creators have programmed their sites to recognize the type of electronic equipment and make necessary adjustments live. The consumers still have the same content and nearly the same visuals without the heavy structure of the traditional site. One site for any device, it is just responsive now to the type of device being used.

  • An improved user experience

    Having a responsive designed website gives the consumer a better experience. On a responsive website you don’t have to try to zoom, shrink, or pinch your mobile device to see everything. The responsive design of the webpage will instantly adjust to the size of the screen so that you can see everything in the appropriate size. With the usability of the site greatly improved you will be able to read and navigate much better. Google’s research study “Think Insights on Mobile”, estimated that there is a 61% chance users will leave the sites they are on if they are challenging to use.

  • The user participation will increase on the mobile responsive site

    Sites that have been taken apart for mobile purposes usually have major elements like sections for comments and user feedback. Because users couldn’t give feedback on the mobile sites, you were missing out on quality current information from your constituents. A responsive site now can even improve upon the standard sites user feedback sections. Mobile users are most likely to give quick and important feedback, so why not build a site for them.

  • Allows you to be more competitive

    Responsive design is an essential now. If you don’t have it, then your competitors most likely do. Most likely you will be losing business, cash, and your brand will be associated with an old and dying brand. The future of business is only going more towards the mobile way. The businesses that get on board quickest will gain the competitive advantage.

  • Improves your site optimization

    According to Google, it suggests having a responsive site. What Google says goes in the SEO world. One responsive site is much more effective than having two sites. Google will pick up on the one URL and awards in searches when the sites are running at their highest efficiency. When there is poor quality content, like an outdated site on a mobile search, will incur a high bounce rate. Whenever site has a high bounce rate, Google will rate it negatively.

  • A complete responsive site, has responsive email as well

    Since mobile use continues to increase, and responsive sites are not just a marketing trend, it is important to have a complete responsive business with responsive email. It should be optimized from search results to the site to the email.

    Having a responsive email is critical because research shows that 50% of emails are now being opened on mobile devices. With a clear and consistent message that can be seen throughout your entire web presence you will be giving the customer a clear path to enjoying your brand and being a valued customer.

  • Your site doesn’t need to be designed as a ‘Mobile First’ site

    It can be easy to focus on mobile users because that is the buzzword of today and the talk of the town. In reality, you should stay true to what your customers want and need. Do they need more of a mobile site or a traditional site? Check out your web analytics. If the mobile use of your site is less than 10%, you probably don’t need to focus too much on a mobile first site. You should still make sure to not ignore the 10%, because your competition could easily swoop them up.

    The reality is focusing on mobile first can be a major design problem more than anything. When making the site responsive it is important to figure out how the site will act on the different screen sizes. The sites that are focused on consumer products and services it can be critical to take into account the mobile experience because you need to reach out to the consumers as much as possible. Take the time to figure out how important the mobile responsiveness is for your site.

  • Responsive sites can be a little more expensive

    Of course every website design project is unique. So the costs are not always the same. But adding the responsive design element incurs roughly 20% more work to the existing standard project. The design of the responsive site isn’t necessarily the most laborious part, rather it is the testing to make sure it is functioning highly on all devices in all different ways possible.

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